Our staff is made up of diverse and caring people with a passion for teaching, a penchant for learning and an interest for building a strong community with the families at our centers. When teachers and parents work together to help create a consistent home to school transition for the children, the whole family benefits. It is this philosophy and our environment that makes our staff members want to stay and grow, helping us maintain low staff turnover for a more consistent environment for children and families. Our staff is qualified both by experience and education in the care of infants, toddlers, preschoolers and school age.

Because of our commitment to our people, we also provide our staff with employee benefits that go well beyond industry norms. These include:

-A competitive pay scale

-Paid vacation, holidays and sick time


-Ongoing training opportunities

-Time outside the classroom for curriculum planning

Our teaching staff is also prepared to support and partner with parents by answering questions concerning their children's needs, growth, and development on all levels. Parents receive on-going communications from the teachers and usually connect in quick
face-to-face check-ins, through written daily reports, and scheduled parent/teacher conferences. However, parents and teachers also connect via center-wide events, volunteer and other social opportunities.