Essential Infant & Toddler Programs

Provide your infant with a safe and nurturing environment to grow and explore the world around them when they come to Kids N' Care. Located in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, teachers for our infant and toddler programs provide a loving and nurturing environment, an extension of the child's home to make them feel safe and secure.

Infant Program

Our infant program focuses on your child's individual schedule. We build on language and developmental skills, as well as track growth and development throughout all milestones.

Communication is vital to the role of success in your infant's development It is why we facilitate regular teacher-parent communication to keep you updated on your child's progress and daily schedule.

Motor Skills

We provide a variety of soft climbing equipment. This allows your child to learn and develop the necessary skills to climb, crawl, and walk.

Developing Vital Skills

On a daily basis, we provide an environment full of music, stories, puppets, building blocks and sensory play to develop social and language skills. There is continuous infant and teacher interaction to support early communication.