K-4 Program

This K4 Program is a kindergarten preparation program that is exciting and challenging for 4-year-olds! It includes a group session, center time, choice time, and recess. The group session entails: the review of letters, numbers, and words; music & movement activities, discussion based on the question-of –the-day, literature and comprehension, calendar skills, weather skills, and the assignment and completion of jobs, Center time involves hands-on learning at various centers for language arts, math, science, health, sensory exploration, construction, and creative arts. Every child may choose his/her activities during choice time as he/she explores the various areas of the room: housekeeping, construction, listening, literature, dramatic play, music, art, math, and science. Recess time encourages the growth in social, gross-motor, and fine-motor skills for every child. Special features to this program are: varied monthly themes covering all subject areas, dramatic activities, journal-writing, the Let’s Find Out Magazine, STEM activities, show-and- tell, and diverse learning methods to accommodate for the various kinds of learners