Summer Camp

School-Age Summer Program

The children’s summer program focuses on a effective summer schedule that is interesting and fun to children 5 years to 13 years of age. Keeping children busy with activities of interest is nurturing their minds and body for learning and building new friendships at Kids N’ Care.

Our School-Age Summer Program features:

-Supervised activities

-Weekly field trips in the surrounding community that are educational

-Our learning experience is a hands-on-approach

-The educational aspect of the program includes math, science, writing, language, art, arts/crafts, and physical development

-Kids N’ Care Summer Reading Program is a go for our school-age children, along with encouraging good reading habits

-Hot meals are provided for breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack, all under the value nutritional food program

With a huge variety of supervised activities, opportunities and experience, teachers are teaching independence for young minds. Leaving parents feeling comfortable as they drop their children off for the day.

Before & After School Program

The school age program is a before and after school program that provides a comfortable environment where children, ages 5 to 13 years, will learn to build confidence, self-esteem, character, and social skills.

Our Before & After School Program features:

-Homework can be completed after school

-Make new friends and do fun activities

-Build communication skills

-Full day childcare available for non-school days, teacher in-service days, and during school breaks, however, over 4 hours will be charged for a full day

-Outdoor play to keep your child active and healthy

-Children will be served breakfast before the leave and snack when they come back from school