Stacy and Bob
October 16, 2017

My son is nearly two and has been going to Kids N Care since he was six weeks old. I have never felt anything but love and compassion from the staff there. You are greeted every morning with a smile and each staff member greets your child by name, and when you leave everyone tells you to have a nice day. It’s a very welcoming atmosphere.

The facility has nice big rooms with big windows and a newly renovated backyard with an area for infants. My son loves playing outside there and being with other kids. They just recently installed a new front door with an electronic access code for added security. All of these changes have been welcome and add to the great care kids receive.

The staff and facility director are open to comments, suggestions and questions and very accommodating. I lost my job last year and everyone was supportive, even when I took my son out of full time care. As soon as I started a new job this spring, they were very flexible in letting him start full time again.

My experience with Kids N Care has been excellent. I would recommend them to anyone looking for child care.