Toddler & Two's Program

Kids N' Care offers a curriculum built for young children to meet their individual needs for growth and development. This curriculum provides a rich learning environment for children to discover and learn through creative and active hands-on play.

See, Touch & Engage

This program will challenge and develop all toddlers on the move. Sensory concepts, such as sight, sound, and touch, are activities for learning to connect young minds to the word around them. Through these concepts, children become fully engaged in learning through fun experiences.

Teaching Confidence & Independence

Our teachers provide a personalized experience for your children and build a sense of self while working on small and large muscle development, social and emotional development, and motor skills. Children will also develop self-help skills, such as eating, going to the bathroom, as well as learning confidence and independence.

Hands-on Learning

Teachers work with children one-on-one and in small groups. This method is transformational in improving recognition in various areas, including:

• Talking & Listening Skills • Vocabulary • Math Concepts • Counting • Colors • Shapes

Focus on the Arts

Music, movement, and singing are all universal languages in all ages and cultures. Music develops structure and socialization amongst all children.